Resilience of SME – using satellite imagery to gauge recovery of the physical environment

Sheffi (2005, pg3) describes how supply chains can be disrupted by seemingly innocuous  events leading to major impacts to business as the full impact unfolds and the supply chain is impacted.

By using data provided by using data provided by Planet it would be possible to use hi-resolution imagery to look for industrial and business locations which have been impacted by incidents and see what suppliers are in that location to assess what the potential impact is.

Depending on the resolution, it could be possible to look for major construction sites in urban cities, and map existing business services, i.e. power/gas/telecoms and pre-assess risk of the work happening, i.e. should the power or internet service to a location be interrupted, what would the immediate effect be.

Whilst larger organisations have well defined resiliency/disaster recovery plans, small enterprise’s may not be able to afford ‘dark sites’ or the planning/business process in place with the personell to support them.

By analysing actual recent data and mapping small business to it, I can then use components of various frameworks, such as CERT Resilience Mangement Model, to ask the asses the risk and how resilient the organisation is.