Under utilized Spark Pi cluster

Feeling a bit sad I’ve not really given my spark cluster alot to do. I bought it with greater intentions of doing some quite cool ideas on data analytics and computational modelling of large datasets from various live streams.
Think i will reserve some dedicated time to the research parts of my work outside the academics I’m doing, as eventually I’m sure the two will combine.
In the mean time, poor spark-cluster is looking a bit sad..

Awk’ing about

Having got the sed/awk book for 1p, decided to play about. Googling for some cool scripts, also found this cool site https://blog.urfix.com/25-awk-commands-tricks/
netstat -ant | awk ‘{print $NF}’ | grep -v ‘[a-z]’ | sort | uniq -c
Quite like this one 🙂 maybe i should make a honeypot ^^

sudo zcat /var/log/auth.log.*.gz | awk ‘/Failed Password/&&!/for invalid user/{a[$9]++}/Failed password for invalid user/{a[“*”$11]++}END{for(i in a) printf “%6s\t%s\n”, a[i],i|”sort -n”}

be sure to change the quotes tho.. think wordpress is having a funny moment and convert the ‘ .