Model Trains

So on the umpteenth iteration of my model trainset i have finally gone DCC in N-Gauge. I have to other sets in Z and T, I would like to think i can get the Z gauge going in DCC but the T is just so small, i dont think chips are small enough yet, but we will see 😉

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and Sprog-Pi board. My non-dcc ready locos are due to return with DCC chips in and am really looking forward to going DCC with alot of automation and multiple trains running !

More posts/pics as we go on. If i have a large volume of train stuff, i might move it onto its own subdomain and wordpress site, its easy enough to do I guess :).



Apache Spark Cluster on Raspberry Pi 3

So last year I was introduced to Apache Spark – not knowing anything at all about it !

A year later i know a little bit more, and as such have a Pi3 cluster of (now 4 pi’s, was 6) running apache spark. I’m looking at doing Data Analytics with Live Streaming. I’m very interested to see whats possible, and link back to my academic studies.

I’ll add more posts/pictures soon !

Whats this all about then!

So, i’ve had this virtual server for sometime, but havent really used the webserver as such, despite having some domain names to use for webhosting !

On my other sites i cover from the general to the academic, where as here i cover tech. That is anything technology based that needs a fuller description and pics,etc.

So here it is ! Whats KIT then ? Knipmeyer Information Technology was the orginal idea.. but for now i just put all technology (information or not !) on here.

Heres the ahem- exciting tech projects on the go at the moment, so if your interested, keep coming back, i promise to upload stuff 🙂